Erika Blumenfeld

Water, water, every where...
Thu Jul 11, 2013 - Thu Aug 29, 2013

Erika Blumenfeld’s installation incorporates photographs, charred debris collected from recent wildfires across the Southwest, desert sand, and a bonsai-trained tree native to Texas. This new work poignantly studies shifting water patterns due to climate change, natural resource and land ownership, and increasing drought in the Southwest.

Blumenfeld approaches her work as an ecological archivist, and has chronicled a range of subjects including the physics of atmospheric and astronomic phenomena, bioluminescent organisms, wildfires, and the remote landscape of Antarctica. In each series, she investigates the simple beauty and complex predicament of our environment and ecologies, working with institutions such as the McDonald Observatory, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, South African National Antarctic Program and the organization Cape Farewell.

Erika Blumenfeld’s growing concern for the injustices against our environment has led her to document the ecological and human impact caused by anthropogenic environmental negligence and climate disruption. Currently, she is making artworks about the aftermath of the recent wildfires in the U.S. Southwest, photographing and collecting the charred remains of trees, grasses, pinecones and needles, dirt and animal bones. This new Wildfire series is both a eulogy to the incinerated flora and fauna as well as forensic evidence of the impact of climate disruption.

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Watch a video of Erika Blumenfeld’s Artist Talk here.