Adela Andea

Lux, Lumens and Candelas
Sat Feb 15, 2014 - Fri Mar 21, 2014

Site-specific interventions primarily constructed of light and plastics, climb, grow and pulse in Adela Andea’s sculptures. A purveyor of all things light emitting diode and cold cathode florescence, she creates immersive shimmering environments. Using commercial technologies in unexpected biomorphic ways, Andea invokes a variety of references: bioluminescent sea life, cellular structures, discos, rock concerts with light shows, sci-fi space films, and alien life forms. These light sculptures writhe and stretch creating a rhythmic, seductive, and intriguing environment.

Adela Andea’s Artist Statement

I like to think about my art as incorporating as many layers of reality. My ideas for the spaces I plan to generate are structured as a dialogue about the interaction between people and new technologies, socio-political issues raised through the dynamic and rapid industrialization and globalization. This socio-political and economical constructed reality is part of a consensus reality about the current stage of the ecology of electronics.

In my vision there is not one unilateral truth or message about reality. The subjective encounter through personal individual experience with the artwork is one dimension that creates many other layers of reality. Confronting the discrepancy between ideas, understanding of the concept in the context of socio-cultural present preoccupation, and the actual experience, events, the reality can be manipulated by the way is presented, argued.

Through art, the transformation of information has been mitigating the two extremes, between the valuable resources of information and the end product responsibilities for recycling, giving a different meaning to the phrase “residual value.” In addition the fast scientific developments almost enable us to distinguish between present and future technologies; a question I always ask myself when encountering new information: it has been done and succeed it, is experimental or it is envisioned to happen in some laboratories?

I like to transform the indoor spaces into installations that involve full sensory experiences for the viewers. I use all the space is available to expand for the purposes of the installation. I consider all physical aspects of the building and the level of audience involvement. Where films and video games convey a futuristic approach generating virtual realities, my art is trying to deconstruct the clear delimitation line between reality and virtual reality.

The numerous transitions in my life made me think about the enormous capability of people to adapt to situations and even more, search for the new possibilities of personal development through inquisitive experiences. I strive for my art to vindicate the malign consequences of technology on the environment and inspire new exciting ways to infuse technology.