Ann Glazer

Sat Nov 20, 2004 - Thu Dec 23, 2004

Trained at the Art Institute of Chicago and now living in Dallas, Ann Glazer installed hundreds of ink drawing and intricately cut-out black paper images to create a unique assemblage at Women & Their Work. Her cut-outs were pinned to the walls and strewn on a series of plank tables in the gallery. The gallery became a drawing, a huge puzzle to be solved. The prize was the associations, stories, and possibilities that emerge.


Artist Statement


In this installation hundreds of drawings are everywhere, strewn on tables and all over the floor – cut out images are pinned to the wall and a series of planks run back and forth suggesting obsessive production lines. As in the drawings, images overlap, and lines, strings and tubes connect. This assemblage, this room filled collage, suggests a work interrupted – fixed while still in progress, the tools not yet put away.

Most interesting to me, is the improvisation that takes place in the creative process. Those moments when the original conception begins to change and a freer thought process oozes out. For me, everything else becomes secondary, including the finished product. Yet, through these pieces I hope to communicate the enormity of possibility, and all the energy and optimism that that can bring with it.


Repetition is very important in my work because through repetition, the decisions, alterations and variations become clear. In these series of drawings and collages, an evolution takes place from image to image; no two are the same. I find immense freedom in repetition: a form of release and finally a beauty.


My materials are common and simple: paper, string, and wood. Leftovers from previous works are often reused, reconfigured to create new associations and images. The paper pieces are intricately cut by hand. This process is very satisfying to me because clear progress can always be seen, there is a definitive end point, and the finished product has a delicate, appreciable beauty. These individual pieces can be moved and overlapped as if the whole room is a drawing, a huge puzzle to be solved.  For me, the prize is the associations, stories and possibilities that emerge.