Christie Blizard

When I was 16, I saw the White Buffalo
Sat Mar 17, 2012 - Sat Apr 28, 2012

This show is extended and will be on view through Saturday, April 28th.

Lubbock based artist, Christie Blizard, lives and sleeps in her studio, an experience that creates for her a bifurcated world.   One affects her dreams and her dreams affect her day, making her feel as if she has one foot in two worlds. In her exhibition at Women & Their Work, “When I Was 16, I Saw the White Buffalo,” Blizard creates collage, sculpture, video animations and installation: her show reflects literally and figuratively the two worlds that inform her life.

In the half of the exhibition that represents her studio, Blizard literally references the space where artists  create but also metaphorically suggests the physical, the present tense, the daytime, the here and now.

The other half of the exhibition alludes to the night, a numinous in-between world, and to the Driftwood River, the site where her recurring dreams often take place. Located behind the house where she grew up,  the river also represents different parts of Blizard’s consciousness. The actual experience of seeing a white buffalo when she was 16 forever changed Blizard’s perception of life, how she relates to and understands the world.  Seeing something she understood to be sacred served as a threshold that connects her to a space beyond language.