Kimberly Gremillion

Double Vision
Sat Oct 3, 1998 - Sat Nov 7, 1998

Houston-based artist Kimberly Gremillion exhibited works drawn from her haunting series of black and white photography that depicted circus imagery, as well as from her photography of ballroom dancers. Ms. Gremillion’s work set up a rich language of metaphor in which the complexity of human sentiment was captured in the image of a down, a circus elephant, or the whirling skirt of a tango dancer.

Gremillion described her work as presenting embedded archetypal images such as the “hoop of fire,” “the shadow of the spotlight,” “the cone of the clown’s hat,” or “the spike of high heel shoes” in order to convey a world of shifting positive and negative spaces which captured emotional tension. In her work Ms. Gremillion transformed the literal moment into evocative interpretation. The results were haunting, surreal, and powerful.