Linda Ridgway

The Poetry of Line
Sat Apr 4, 1998 - Tue Jun 9, 1998

Dallas-based artist Linda Ridgway’s site-specific installation, The Poetry of Line, presented the artist’s most recent work. Ridgway’s minimalist and spare work provoked introspection and meditation on such issues as the self, the passage of time, and the meaning of human relationships.

Her work was organized in minimalist lines and grids imbued with subtle organic irregularities resulting from the natural materials of which her work is comprised. Her cast bronze pieces presented slowly moving linear arrangements of natural materials such as flower petals, leaves, grapes, or cedar tree clippings. In other works, Ridgway referenced the body more directly with images of paper dolls and tracings of herself arranged as wall and floor installations. Her drawings, which were also on view at Women & Their Work, referenced similar organic and human imagery but also include fragments of text. The texts that were referenced within the particular works on exhibit came from Virginia Woolf’s writing, and they charge Ridgway’s work with an additional layer of social and sexual metaphor.