Naomi Schlinke

Thu Oct 2, 1997 - Sun Nov 9, 1997

Naomi Schlinke’s paintings presented lyrical compositions of texture, form, and embedded imagery, which challenged the viewer to decipher meaning through juxtapositions and correspondences of elusive references. Schlinke’s earth-toned and richly layered paintings often broke down into an architectonic subdivision of rectangular and oval spaces.

Each sub-space held a different scale, pattern, and reference which could be viewed together as a shifting field of sub-chambers merging into an orchestrated whole. Or, each inner chamber could be viewed distinctly as the eye attempts to decipher its specific pattern and meaning. Correspondingly, each painting could be viewed distinctly or in grouped clusters. “Taken individually, they are like private chambers, each with their own internal crisis and resolutions. Taken ensemble as a poetic rebus, the pieces hold each other in a reciprocal spell of exchanged meanings, correspondences, oppositions, harmonies, and juxtapositions.”

Schlinke’s previous career as a modern dancer and choreographer informed her work with an especially sophisticated sense of rhythm, tension, and balance and imbued her compositions with an organic, lyrical beauty which complemented their intellectual and architectural strength.