Robin Dru Germany

Sat Jan 12, 2002 - Sat Feb 16, 2002

Slaton, Texas artist, Robin Dru Germany, created silver gelatin photographs layered on digital backdrops, for an exhibition titled Inside/Outside. Ms. Germany stated, “my current body of work uses the framework of a character study to explore public and private issues of gender, power, technology and free will.” The works, entitled Palimpsest Portraits, were still life portraits. The still life elements signified components such as memory, experience, and human personality.

In the manner of a dissection, these photographs allowed the viewer a look inside the subject’s mind to see the electromagnetic impulses being converted into images. The simple still life elements were stand-ins for complex factors that struggle for dominance in an individual’s psyche.” The artist’s subjective eye is her point of departure for these unusual still life portraits”, writer Janet Tyson explained, “Germany’s idea is to emphasize the works’ symbolic function as portraits of various individuals in her life, rather than capturing their likeness. Germany is creating psychic portraits…in the form of still life’s.”