Suzan Pitt

Cartoon Wilderness
Thu Oct 2, 1997 - Sat Nov 8, 1997

Cartoon Wilderness featured an exhibition of preparatory drawings and animation cels by artist Suzan Pitt organized by W&TW Gallery Director Nancy Bless. Pitt spent several months drawing in the rainforests of Guatemala, Belize, and Mexico to create the sets for Joy Street (24:00, 35mm, Color, 1995). A selection of her rainforest drawings and original artwork for Joy Street was exhibited at W&TW and accompanied the film program on its Texas tour. Pitt’s lush, dazzling, and phantasmagoric visions have influenced a generation of animators and painters through her screenings and teaching.

Suzan Pitt came to Austin to present Cartoon Wilderness, a lecture and screening in which she discussed the parallel histories of film animation and wilderness destruction. The lecture presented some of the essential relationships between environmental awareness, animated media, and the emerging field of eco-psychology.