Tina Medina

Thu Aug 4, 2005 - Sat Sep 10, 2005

Pochismas is derived from the word “pocho“, a slang term used by Mexicans to refer to Mexican-Americans who speak Spanish poorly or incorporate English or Americanisms into their speech.  It can also refer to someone of Mexican descent whose lack of knowledge or understanding about the history and heritage of Mexico render them culturally impotent.  Many Mexican-Americans adopt the term affectionately, thus making it less derogatory.  Medina’s work navigates the territory between culutures and addresses the difficulties of ambiguity.

Medina’s drawings were reminiscent of cell animation or cartoons frozen in time. They were often drawn on handkercheifs that recall pano arte, an art form that developed as a prison sub-culture. Medina combined cultures and their icons to create a new symbolism for a hybrid world.