Fresh from the Studio | San Marcos Studio Tour Edition

Thu Mar 28, 2024

Fresh from the Studio invites W&TW artist members to share what they are working on now. In this virtual format, artists share work in progress, newly finished artworks, and recent or upcoming projects. Each presentation is about 10 minutes with time for your questions and comments afterwards. Fresh from the Studio is your chance to see what is new and hear from contemporary artists. This program is free and open to the public.

This segment of Fresh from the Studio will feature Jasna Boudard, Michelle Delgado, Licha Jimenez, and Lana Waldrep-Appl.

About the Artists

Jasna Boudard is a new media artist based in Austin, TX. Since childhood, she has expressed herself through different mediums such as drawing, painting, and performance. This led her to discovering her true creative voice through cameras and projectors. Boudard creates immersive visual experiences using photography and video art to explore movement, light, and connection. She works intuitively by recording lived moments and translating them into “dream-like” reality, often through projection art. Originally French and Bangladeshi and raised across three continents, her international journey has greatly informed her work and her philosophy of seeking unity in diversity. Boudard has a Masters in Fine Arts and exhibited her work across Europe, Asia, Africa, and all over the United States. She is a resident projection artist at ArtUsCo and the co-founder of MetaCaustics, a collaborative partnership with artist Topher Sipes to create light-based immersive installations and other new media works. Aside from her creative work, she is also the founder of Travel Weddings, a wedding photography and videography business that serves multicultural couples, and an art and photography educator at multiple schools and institutions. 

Michelle Delgado is an interdisciplinary artist from San Antonio, Texas with a foundation in painting, collage, sculpture, performance, and video art. Delgado’s work has been shown in numerous gallery exhibitions in Texas. Her curatorial recognitions include Glasstire’s Top 5 List for the week of August 25, 2022, her painting Make Amends was selected by curator Mark Pascale of The Art Institute of Chicago, and her video performance Don’t Look was selected for a screening at the Crisp-Ellert Art Museum in St. Lauderdale, FL. Aside from her individual work, Delgado is an active member of the San Antonio art community.

Licha Jimenez is a Mexican-born abstract painter who grew up in Mexico, Austin, Texas and Los Angeles, California. After thirty years in New York, she returned in 2020 to central Texas. After studies at the University of Texas, Jimenez moved to New York City in the early 1980s to begin an artistic career that included phases as a painter, fine art jeweler and art gallery owner (she founded one of the pioneer galleries in the Williamsburg art revival. Jimenez’s abstract style is vital, organic, evocative and challenging. Her carefully controlled and balanced paintings are layered and latticed with mysterious structures and suggestive volumes. In a painterly echo of the style she developed over many years as a successful fine-art jeweler, Jimenez work is always energetic but also finely controlled. Her intricate spaces may pulse, swirl, sizzle or seep with energy and life, but not in any loose, wild, random or disconnected way. Everything has been carefully thought out, or has evolved precisely over time. Often the visual space is suggestive of some kind of biological or natural matrix or framework. Viewers sometimes describe the work as having a visceral or vegetal quality – “like the inside of a body” or “like the inside of fruit.”

Lana Waldrep-Appl (b. Fort Worth, Texas) is an artist, a teacher, and a mother who lives and works in San Marcos, Texas. She is a self-confessed introvert and lover of paint. Her work highlights quiet and anonymous spaces and the complexity of simple things. Lana received her MFA in Painting from Virginia Commonwealth University and her BFA in Studio Art from the University of Texas at Austin. She has shown her work throughout Texas, as well as, nationally. Lana is a member of the Austin based ICOSA Collective. She has participated in residencies at the Vermont Studio Center and the Kimmel Harding Nelson Center for the Arts. She teaches Painting, Drawing, and Art Foundations at Texas State University in San Marcos, Texas.

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