Fresh from the Studio

Janak Narayan, Juliet Whitsett, & Lillian Warren
Thu May 19, 2022

Fresh from the Studio invites W&TW artist members to share what they are working on now with you! In this virtual format, artists will share work in progress, newly finished artworks, and recent or upcoming projects. Each presentation will be about 10 minutes with time for your questions and comments afterward. Fresh from the Studio is your chance to see what is new and hear from contemporary artists. This program is free and open to the public. Register using the form below.

In this edition of Fresh from the Studio, we will hear from artists Janak Narayan, Juliet Whitsett, and Lillian Warren.

About the Artists

Janak Narayan is an Indian American artist focusing on acrylics and oils. Health setbacks had her step down from her twenty-five-year career in the finance and banking industry and she decided to pursue her passion in the arts. She received her BFA from Indiana University in 2010. She has taken her passion for life and color to create compositions that are both joyful and healing. Janak finds inspiration in nature which transcends into unique, Post–Impressionist inspired stylized landscapes. Her work is constantly testing the boundaries between abstraction and representational art – her landscapes are becoming more abstract and her abstracts barely hanging on to reality thanks to lucid brushstrokes in a fantasy color palette.

Juliet Whitsett is an artist, art educator, and environmental educator. She is interested in the intersection of community and creativity. She sees the ecological connection among species as integral to Earth’s comprehensive community. Committed to listening to scientific wisdom and inspired by the rise of the global youth climate movement, her perspectives as a mother, cancer survivor, and global citizen compel her to use her skills to represent some of our most threatened species who have no means of advocating for themselves.⁠

As a visual artist, Lillian Warren explores conditions and situations characterized by dislocation and uncertainty. She uses painting and video to create encounters among everyday people engaged in ambiguous activities. Each work is a glimpse into a mundane, ridiculous, or poignant story where we have missed the opening scenes and are left to invent our own narrative. Her process is a hybrid of digital photography, memory, computerized manipulation of images, and acrylic paint.

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