Fresh from the Studio

Kristy Battani, Leslie Pierce, & Kirti Sinha
Thu Jun 16, 2022

Fresh from the Studio invites W&TW artist members to share what they are working on now with you! In this virtual format, artists will share work in progress, newly finished artworks, and recent or upcoming projects. Each presentation will be about 10 minutes with time for your questions and comments afterward. Fresh from the Studio is your chance to see what is new and hear from contemporary artists. This program is free and open to the public.

In this edition of Fresh from the Studio, we will hear from artists Kristy Battani, Leslie Pierce, and Kirti Sinha. Register using the form below.

About the Artists

Kristy Battani creates artwork that attempts to devise order out of the jumble of things or ideas that have demanded our attention, instructed our actions, ordered our lives, and orchestrated our health — all in the spirit of making us better or more productive — but which inevitably became outdated and eventually obsolete. The work is created from many layers of textual materials and paint, worn back through sanding to represent the passage of time, a process repeated again and again, intentionally highlighting the abstract patterns, texture and color that emerge from that process.

Leslie Pierce is a contemporary artist, known for art that focuses on everyday people juxtaposed with coding systems, documentation, fragmentation, and technology. Her ongoing series, Codified, Code Defied, evolved from painting contrasted areas of flat and modeled forms of the human figure. Pierce employs vertical lines to generate value, form, space, time, and place. Form and value seem to be ironed out in space, while simultaneously standing up, suspended in time.

Kirti Sinha’s inspiration for her current work is Folk art from her native India. It has fired her imagination since childhood. The intricate patterns of Mandalas and Zentangles inhabit her lush landscapes and even influence her vibrant abstract paintings. Kirti resides in Austin, Texas, with her husband and two children, where she provides art instruction to children and adults in her studio.

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