Heloise Gold & Friends

Thu Apr 21, 1988 - Sat Apr 23, 1988

The Funeral and the Pig Farmer
Wigs and Heels
The Big Table in the Palace

Part One
The Funeral and The Pig Farmer – Duet created by Heloise Gold and Mike Arnold
The Funeral is an homage to the suffering in the world.
Music – by Bill Jeffers and Tina Marsh
Paintings- by Carol lvey
Bowl – by Lynn Wolfe
The Pig Farmer is the expression of joy that each human inherently possesses.
Music – by Iallyapu (tape)
Production and Editing- Glen English

Wigs and Heels – A continuing collaboration
Sally Jacques and Heloise Gold

Lighting Design – Gary Davis
Lobby Creation – Beverly Bajema & Deborah Hay