gallery view of Recharge (ClickfarmCrystalGrid) composed of video sculpture, wires, and 3D resin prints

Melanie Clemmons

Likes Charge
Thu Aug 13, 2020 - Fri Oct 9, 2020

In the exhibition Likes Charge, Melanie Clemmons transforms the gallery into a livestream temple dedicated to reimagining networked technology as a medium for spiritual rejuvenation and metaphysical manifestation. Surrounded by a series of video art projections that cast a magic circle, free from the internet’s more sinister elements, viewers can connect to cloud-based bliss. A flatscreen reflection pool explores algorithmic filter bubbles, and a smartphone sculpture embedded with 3D printed healing crystals provides a remedy for social media doom-scrolling. Web portals offer viewers online access to these metaphysical havens, and when available for in-person access, gallery visitors become part of the virtual experience via captive webcams.

About the Artist

Based in Dallas, Melanie Clemmons is a new media artist interested in the effects of technology on society. She makes videos, net art, installations, and VR experiences. In 2018, Clemmons toured with Pussy Riot doing visuals and music videos during their first North American tour and has collaborated with Zak Loyd as Vidkidz since 2009. Her work has been shown at HeK (House of Electronic Arts), Basel, Switzerland; the Whitney Museum of American Art, New York; Echo Park Film Center, Los Angeles; UPFOR Digital, Portland; Gene Siskel Film Center, Chicago; TRANSFER Gallery, Brooklyn; Denver Digerati; Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art; ATLAS Blackbox, Boulder, CO; and many other DIY spaces and venues.