Sat Jun 4, 1983

Women & Their Work presented Moonstruck, a collaborative performance event of dance, music, and art, based on a group of five paintings by Carol Ivey.

Moonstruck was inspired by the rhythms and images of Ivey’s five paintings. Dancer-choreographer Barbara Hofrenning and musician-composer Tina Marsh collaborated their talents using Ivey’s visuals as an environment for the performance piece.

The three women had each been creating and developing new work in their respective art forms. At this time, the artists put their talents together – with Moonstruck as the result.

Requests was a dance/performance group that had at its core four dancers (Ruth Alpert, Ann Dorsey-Zbylot, Barbara Hofrenning, Pat Stone) and an observer/recorder. Below are some comments from the group:

“We’ve been meeting together since September 1982. A “request” is an organizational structure or a set of instructions given for the express purpose of making a performance piece. The request may be simple; or, it may be complex, requiring many rehearsals. It may require additional dancers, musicians, or other artists. We are exploring movement possibilities and content by setting up situations where there is a high degree of exchange as well as individual contribution.

The most basic request that we make to ourselves is that we love the material we’re investigating; the
request we make of each other is to give ourselves fully to the process and to the piece.”