On Site

Art Austin
Sat Apr 9, 2011


Art Austin, a citywide collaboration of art galleries, museums, and alternative spaces will host ON SITE April 1 – 10, 2011. ON SITE is a series of happenings, exhibitions, installations, performances, conversations and programs that highlight the contemporary visual arts offerings at fifteen established venues. For the month of April, each of these venues focuses on evolution of the contemporary creative process and experience.

April is an art-fueled month in Austin. In addition to ON SITE, Art Week Austin, the Texas Biennial, Fusebox Festival and Art City Austin provide unique opportunities to see contemporary art across the city. Catch exhibitions, site-specific installations, performances, artist talks, gallery tours, and family-friendly activities all month long.


Curated by Virginia Rutledge

On view through May 13th

The Texas Biennial in Austin provides viewers with a unique visual capsule of new art from around the state. The Biennial highlights the best artwork being made in every media. Women & Their Work is proud to be one venue of many in this group show, curated by NY art historian, Virginia Rutledge. Viewers will see works from El Paso and McAllen artists for the first time ever exhibiting in Austin. It’s a huge range of media. Catherine Colangelo works with Gouache and pencil on Okawara paper in a delicate, traditional series, “Fleet For Abby Boats”. Bernardo Cantu will take you to a higher level with his mixed media and diversely totemic works titled “Neo-Geo Tex-Mex Shamanist Lite.” ONSITE is a unique opportunity to bring the very original visions of artists in a site-specific array that will feed your eyeballs. Kia Niel will lovingly install a shelf similar to those found at souvenir gift shop, filled up with items referencing natural polished gems, coral, moss and fossils but with everything fake, handmade and bedazzled in her signature style. Come see how these clever artists interact in this dense and diverse group show.