Pauline Oliveros in Concert

Performance Art Series 1984
Sun May 6, 1984

Women & Their Work presented musician and composer Pauline Oliveros in concert at Capitol City Playhouse. Appearing with Oliveros were Helmi Harrington & Strahl Music Six-Accordion Ensemble, and Heloise Gold.

Pauline Oliveros has received national acclaim for her work as a composer since the early 1960s. She has collaborated with many noted artists in the field of music, dance and theatre, including Merce Cunningham and Deborah Hay.

She was then the musical director of the Austin-based Deborah Hay Dance Company.
Oliveros is committed to “broadening the scope of music experience as we know it by exposing its structure in hopes of liberating sound from some of its more restrictive
conventions.” She dedicates the merit of her work to the benefit of all beings.

On May 6, Oliveros performed “Horse Sings from Cloud,” “Rattlesnake Mountain,” and “The Seventh Mansion.” Helmi Harrington and Strahl Music, a six-accordion ensemble of Austin musicians, opened for Oliveros.