A.M. Schaer

Schaer has begun making full-blown sculptures again after a hiatus of more than 35 years, using primitive firing techniques on an ancient material: clay. They are battered and burnt-looking comments regarding old age and the longing for security in a society that may be coming unraveled.

Schaer realized while giving an Artist’s Talk in 2021 that they had come “full circle” with acrylic paint on laser cut-out shapes, which have been their central focus for the past five years. That series began with superheroes they reclaimed and sometimes satirized for feminist purposes, and progressed to real-life heroes such as “The First 4 Women Welders in the Navy.”

Now they have replaced their heroines and heroes with villains, victims, and antiheroes. There are demented old women and very not cute teddy bears too tired and too vulnerable to give comfort to themselves or others.