Elena Lipkowski

Elena Lipkowski is a mixed media artist whose creative journey explores the interplay of place and memory. Born in Los Angeles, she has made Austin, Texas her home for much of her adult life. Elena’s artistic evolution, from advertising/graphic design to studio art/art history, forms the foundation of her commitment to clear and impactful visual storytelling. Her artistic expression finds a harmonious balance between digital collage and hand needlework, allowing her to fuse the analytical with the creative. Elena’s artistic signature is characterized by strong graphic elements, delicately layered compositions, and an underlying sense of tranquility. She invests countless hours meticulously refining pixels and skillfully stitching thread and beads until the true essence of her work unfurls. This meticulous dedication represents more than mere creative endeavor; it is an act of mindfulness and breathwork that infuses her creations with a serene and palpable energy. 


Lipkowski CV