Gabrielle Stephenson

Gabrielle Stephenson, also known as Hella1982 Creative X, is a visual artist, art educator, business owner, and Activist, currently living in Boise, Idaho. She has studied Art, & Business Management at Boise State University. Her works have been seen in exhibitions at Boise State University, Treasure Chest Art Gallery, Treasure Valley Artist Alliance, Bloom Art Collective, Boise Hemp World in Boise, Idaho, and Las Laguna’s Art Gallery in Laguna Beach, California.

Hella1982 Creative X paints abstract, intuitive imagery she calls Angelism. Currently, she is working on an art series called AEolian, A Study of the Wind, detailing the events that happened during the major winter storms that affected Texas in February 2021, tragically causing one hundred & 11 deaths, including the passing of an 11-year-old boy. Hella1982 Creative X is an Activist artist who aims to educate viewers, art collectors, curators, and individuals of the events taking place all around the world.