Georgie Miller

Georgie Miller is a native Texan whose artistic practice explores narratives surrounding consumption, indulgence, and the dualities between the physical and the digital. Throughout her creative dance, Miller explores the magic in the dichotomies of life and death, the whimsical and the nostalgic, the physically manual and the technological, the vibrant and the subdued, and the real and the imagined. Her artistic practice focuses on digital and physical collage and photographic mediums. In her work, Miller creates harmonious tapestries by layering and distorting through collage with scales of tangibility existing in different parts of her process. Miller celebrates multimedia creativity in composition and subject matter with unexpected use of scale, hue, and perspective, seamlessly blending the physical and the digital into intricate compositions and thoughtful placements. Her collage work presents thoughtful scenes meant to both delight and provoke thoughts on the symbiosis between these opposites. Miller uses these contrasts in both medium and subject matter as a commentary on society’s need for modernity and tradition. Her work reveals new meanings found in the manipulations of layering and depth. Her career in digital editorial strategy and for a luxury lifestyle publication allows Miller to experience firsthand how creativity merges with technology and consumption to inform her medium. Since early education and her four years at The University of Texas at Austin, Miller’s practice and education in art have always been a constant. She is thrilled to elevate her artistic journey to present a body of work filled with context, composition, and profound meaning.

Georgie Miller CV