Jacqueline Smith

Even though as a teenager she sold a painting in her first art exhibit, Jacqueline Smith chose a writing career rather than visual arts as her life path. In 2018, however, she came to her senses and returned to her initial passion. Smith now has a deeper appreciation for artwork – the process and results, and how being an artist informs the ways she sees nature and frames relationships.

An award-winning artist, Smith has generated a body of contemporary abstract art and exhibited it in multiple art shows across Central Texas. Her intuitive approach to art making generates unencumbered creative expression, allowing the subject
organically to reveal itself and surprise the artist. Pairing her writing skills with visual arts, Smith has written several art-related projects. She designed the curriculum for and is currently teaching courses designed to liberate creative expression. In 2012, Smith teamed up with Carol Ikard to co-write Touching Fiber Arts, a coffee table volume chronicling national exhibitions during the first five years of the Texas Museum of Fiber Arts.

Jacqueline Smith CV