Jan Pomeroy

As a child Jan Pomeroy was always creating with her hands but the thing that reinforced in her to be an artist was her 9th grade art teacher Mr.Rooney. He was a very inspiring man that inspired her to go on to be an artist as she neared adulthood. So art has been a constant thing for her since that time. She has explored many art mediums through the years: fiber, wood carving, clay sculpture, cloisonné enameling, oil painting, colored pencil drawing, and mixed media. The thing that has stuck has been the mixed media because of the possibilities and experimentation that can happen with it.

From Pomeroy: “It is an amazing thing to produce a painting that someone is drawn to and has a deep emotional response to it. Art brings life to people that they may never encounter otherwise. Art is healing on many levels-spiritual, emotional, physical. I feel God’s peace when I do art-it’s like co-creating with Him. My hope is that my art will give a sense of peace and hope to people.”

Jan Pomeroy CV