Jessey Jansen

“Combining my love of paper, my obsession with the profile and my skills in graphic design, Cutaway explores the unique inner nature of a person’s story, probing dreams, ambitions, and love through the essence of individual identity.

My art and design aspires to bring people closer to a shared vision of the world where people value different cultures from their own, are aware of global issues and empowered to affect positive change.”

Jessey Jansen, has 20+ years’ experience in fine arts, graphic design, project management and social entrepreneurship. Her diverse portfolio ranges between portraying whispering moments to challenging paradigms of social mobility. She has received numerous awards for her visionary work including nominee for Emerging Artist at Peninsula Art School in 2006, 2008 Selected Artist Residency at Alverno College, 2015 Brand Award from Green Festival LA, 2016 Best Jazz/World AMI Music Award from Artprize8 and most recently 2018 American Package Design Winner from Graphic Design USA for her visionary Voice of Maasai project.

Jansen earned her BA in Communications and the Arts with a concentration in Graphic Design and Print-making from the University of Green Bay Wisconsin. She was raised in Wautoma Wisconsin and currently shares her time between her home in Austin Texas and the Kilimanjaro Region of Tanzania, where she concentrates on building the Voice of Maasai brand and music label.

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