Kim Karnes

In Kim Karnes’ current artistic endeavors as an oil painter, she views her creations as the culmination of extensive exploration into traditional Renaissance art techniques intertwined with her profound appreciation for and study of landscape art. Karnes’ objective is to infuse the timeless essence of traditional art, which she believes still holds relevance in contemporary art, with a fresh perspective for the present and future. This involves seamlessly incorporating surreal imagery into her pieces, infusing them with a fairy tale and mythological allure.

Karnes’ overarching aim is to embark on a journey of experimentation and self-discovery, pushing the boundaries of her art towards more robust surreal backgrounds and evolving her figure work with modern poses and painting styles in future projects. Karnes maintains a balance by employing the traditional underpainting techniques reminiscent of the Renaissance for her figures, juxtaposed with a more direct approach in painting her landscapes. This deliberate choice allows her to seamlessly integrate two distinct styles within a single artwork, introducing a captivating interplay of loose and tight elements that adds layers of interest and intrigue to her compositions.