Leila Ali

Leila Ali is a Colombian visual artist living and working in Austin, Texas.

Moving between modes of production based on painting, drawing, photography, found images, and collage, Ali investigates notions of place, nature, and memory in different contexts. Her most recent projects, focusing on plants and landscapes, have led her to become a botanical artist. Currently, Ali is creating a series of plant portraits inspired by the flora that thrives in cities, whether they are rebellious wild plants that decide to take root in any urban space or domesticated plants that inhabit our homes.

Leila Ali obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Fine Art at the Academia Superior de Artes in Bogota. She also completed two master’s degrees, one in Cultural Studies at the National University of Colombia, where she graduated with a Mention of Distinction; and another, in Aesthetics and Art History at the University of São Paulo in Brazil. Her work has been included in numerous exhibitions in Colombia, Argentina, Brazil, Australia, South Korea, and the United States.