Lena Snow

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Lena Snow is an interdisciplinary artist based in Germany. She started to create art when she was a teenager and had her first exhibition at the age of sixteen. Besides producing several series over the years, Lena earned a master’s degree at the University of Mannheim. Currently, she has her studio in a small town on the edge of the Black Forest where she is working on her latest artworks while keeping in touch with nature. Her works are strongly influenced by the ideas and philosophy of the American Transcendentalism – a spiritual and literary movement occurring in the middle of the 19th century demanding people to become self-empowered and self-reliant. Also, the thought that intuition, creativity, and imagination were more important than logic and rationality is something she could entirely identify herself with. Especially Margaret Fuller, another important personality that enriched this movement and is considered an early feminist, had an impact on Lena’s works. She pointed out that the feminine, sensitive, and emotional side is genius and contributes to a set of very subtle and precise observation skills. Therefore, the topics of spiritual enlightenment, connectivity, and female identity are always present in her art. Because she has always felt a strong connection to Nature, Lena’s special focus is to raise our awareness of the environment. She uses different materials, like everyday objects or plastic, and implements them into her artworks, thereby creating unique pieces of art. Her current Goddess series shows female entities that are both mythical and energetic. Her female figures are like heroes as they have special powers and spread cosmic vibes. The artist wants to highlight the feminine, emancipated, and evolved characteristics, sometimes even the recreational or protective maternal features. Lena’s Goddesses are strongly connected to Nature and therefore sustainability and re-use of materials are reflected in her creations. The artist exhibits and shares in her paintings a part of her higher soul and strength as well as a transcendental connection to Nature and cosmic insight. She wants to express a “higher” self that is spiritually elevated and transformed.

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