Leslie Kell


Leslie Kell is an artist and designer whose career has spanned more than 35 years in the Austin area. She holds a BA with a background in painting and illustration. After many years as a freelance graphic artist, Leslie expanded her practice into photography and digital art. In 2008, she began developing an original technique that combines her photos and drawings to create her unique images.

Leslie works with natural forms to create drawings in which my photos are assembled into the spaces and patterns of the design. As the elements interact to create the highlights, shadows, and contours of the new image, they unfold deeper discoveries within the composition. The works created within Collections are based on original poetry which adds another layer to the narrative.

Her artwork explores the complexities of perspective, memory, and perception. The optimistic artwork celebrates the natural world, its fragility, and its undeniable connection to our collective experience. She uses recurring themes of water, light, and reflection to underscore the ever-shifting currents of our realities and open up the possibility that things are not always as they seem.

Leslie Kell -CV