natural inks on canvas board resembling organic material under a microscope titled Copper and Turmeric Notes by Lydia Garcia

Lydia Garcia

Lydia Garcia is a Central Texas-based visual artist whose work explores the character of organic materials from local and sentimental landscapes. Creating raw pigments, handmade colors, and
sculptures through a process of experimentation, Garcia is interested in temporal limitations on organic materials such as plants, geological forms, and natural chemicals.

Garcia participated in the year-long Crit Group program in 2020 through The Contemporary Austin that culminated in a group show at GrayDUCK Gallery. She also is the founder of Ochre & Iron, an evolving social practice in which we share and exchange knowledge and services through interactive workshops, process-based exchanges, and community involvement while generating working materials native to the Central Texas region.

Lydia was born in Austin, Texas, and received her BFA in Studio Art at the University of Texas at Austin.

Lydia Garcia – CV