Mars Woodhill

Born in Austin, Mars Woodhill now lives and works on a ranch in the Texas Hill Country. The artist creates geomorphic abstractions in sculpture and large-scale paintings. As Woodhill states, her work is “an abstract study of the relationship between man and nature. It’s a celebration of both the living and nonliving systems thereby fostering a deeper human connection to the earth.” Her process mimics how nature forms and manifests striations, craters, boundaries, and even new life forms.  Woodhill is currently completing a series exploring the ‘Elements of Nature – Earth, Water, Fire, Metal and Wood’, comprised of sculpture and wall installations.

Woodhill’s large scale paintings have been exhibited widely in Texas, the Northeast and nationally. She obtained her BA in Art and History from Austin College in Sherman, TX. As founder of the Texas Art House contemporary gallery in 2016 in Johnson City, Texas, the artist curated solo and group exhibitions featuring Texas artists, until returning to her studio work fulltime in 2018.

Mars Woodhill – CV