Meena Matai

“I grew up in India in a family of engineers and educators. Art has been the one constant in my life, even while I built my career in electrical engineering. My life is now a balance of being an artist, an engineer, a mother, an educator and a human being. The main message in my art is one of building a supportive community. Hopefully when people look at my art they see that I can’t create art alone, that it’s made possible with support from them, my friends and family. I hope that the vibrant colors in my art inspire them to be positive, to collaborate, to nurture and support. And it begins right at home. As my daughter grows up, far away from the country her mother grew up in, this is my effort to inculcate respect and honor for her roots as she forms her own dynamic identity. We, as humans, are more alike than we are different. Just as colors come together to form beautiful art so do people to form a supportive community. It takes a village to raise a child or to bring about monumental change. My vibrant colors play a small part in building our community.”

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