Susan Raine

As a Texan woman hailing from the vast and diverse landscapes of this vibrant state, Susan Raine’s artistic journey has been deeply influenced by the complexity of her personal experiences. Through her work, Raine seeks to explore and confront the intricate emotions that arise from a tumultuous relationship with her mother, while also celebrating the enchanting chaos that comes with embracing her own individuality. With a menagerie of six beloved pets as her companions and a penchant for the abstract, Raine aims to create a visual symphony that delves into the depths of the human psyche, provoking thought and evoking a kinda of visceral action.

Raine’s artistic approach involves blending realism with abstraction. She focuses on exploring relationships with animals and their environment. She uses, vibrant color palettes, dynamic textures, juxtaposition of forms. This vision allows her to create visually striking artworks that resonate emotionally and intellectually with viewers.

Raine CV