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After 2 cocktail parties, 13 Zoom confabs, and countless emails spread over 6 months, we can now proudly say WE OWN IT!

We began in February with what felt like a long shot: to purchase a $3 million building, and then raise $250,000 on top of that to renovate and relocate the gallery. As the world turned upside down, this long shot morphed into a moonshot. Astonishingly, we have made a miracle landing.

We closed on the property in July 2020. Please join us and support the #OWNIT campaign!

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Marie Abaya

Gemma Marangoni Ainslie

Stella Alesi

Malú Alvarez

Wendi Slaton Anderson

Emily Apollo & Mick Flowers

Connie Arismendi

Betsy Arumi

Emilie Attwell

Diana Ball

Stephanie Barko

Elizabeth & Jamie Baskin

Becky Beaver

Jill Bedgood

Susan Bergstrom

Ellen & David Berman

Margeret Carrie Bills

Michaela Black

Carla Blumberg & Barbara Neubert

Michelle Bonilla

Anne Boyd

Sabrina Jay Brown

Jane Bui


Paul Byars

Laura Pickett Calfee

Annette Carlozzi & Dan Bullock

Claudia & Phil Chidester

Lisa Choinacky

City of Austin

Diana Claitor

Kathleen M. Clark

Margaret Clark

Clayton Korte

Mary Cohagan

Deborah Cole

Mindy Cooper

Katelena Hernandez Cowles & Jay Cowles

Kay & David Crum

Katy & Matt Culmo

Sky Currie

Erin Curtis

Ann Daughety

Brenda David

Donna Davis

Dana DeBeauvoir

MaryAnn Detmering

Catherine Lee Doar

Genevieve Duncan

Cameron Duncan

Debbie Dupré


ECG Foundation

Carol Edkins

Linda Esper

Sheryl Farley

Phyllis Finley

Virginia L. Fleck

Lulu Flores

Ford Foundation

Laurie Frick

Missy Gale

Laura Garanzuay

Dolores Garcia & Gilberto Cárdenas

Richard Garza

Clair Gaston

Nina Gat

Thomas Gay

Cameron Gowan

Cassie Bergstrom Gowan

Sue Graze

Sandra Gregor

Cathy Gretencord

Victoria Guerra

Lindsey Hanna

Amy Hardberger

Linda Hardberger

Robert Harrington

Julia Hart

Karen & Rick Hawkins

Carol Hayman

Marilyn Heath

Melanie Hickerson

Jane Hilfer & Alec Rhodes

Jessie Otto Hite

Jennifer Hughes

Nicole Hughes

Ellen Hunt

Meta Butler Hunt

William H Cowles Foundation at the Innovia Foundation

Madeline Irvine

Maria Cristina Jadick

Vensa Jadric

Lynn Jelinski

Frances Jones

Lynda Young Kaffie

Jean L. Karotkin

Kay Keys

Adrian Killam

Ling-lin Ku

Diane Land & Steve Adler

Lindsey Lane

Annette Lawrence

Yvonne Leonard

Mike Levy

Meyer Levy Charitable Trust

Meyer Levy Fund

Tobin Levy

Ellen Lewis

Emily Little

Rachel Lomas

Kathleen Irvin Loughlin

Love, Tito’s

Sarah Luna

Lucy MacQueen

sharon maidenberg

Mona Marshall & Paul Sinclair

Linda J. Masters

Kelley Cooper McClure

Lesile & Steve McConnico

Elizabeth Martinez

Paloma Mayorga

Jill & Dennis McDaniel

Heather McKinney

Fredericka & David Middleton

Deanna Miesch

Melissa Miller

Harry E. and Eda L. Montandon Charitable Trust

Charles B. Moore

Susan Kline Morehead

Meeta & R.J. Morrison

Christina Moser

Gentil Najera

Elizabeth & Jerele Neeld

Avery Nelson

Danielle Nieciag & Brian Sharples

Jack Nokes

Margaret O’Donnell

O’Shaughnessy-Rivers Family Fund

Felicia O’Sullivan

Carolyn Osborn

Patrick Ousey

Connie & Samuel Pate

Beverly Penn

Ruth & Jamie Pennebaker

Irene Pinkhardt

Claudine Pitner

Gladys Poorte

Karen Pope

Quality Quinn

Mac Ragsdale

Jean & Dan Rather

Becky Duval Reese

Nancy Reiter & Eric Evans

The Renner Project

Alice Kleberg Reynolds Foundation

Keva Richardson

Richel Rivers

Aileen Roberts

Peter Rock

Riki Rushing & Allen Gilmer

Pamela Seagert Ruth

Donna Sanders

Joanne Sandler

Mary Sanger & Kay Turner

Julie Savasky, 508 Creative

Amy Sawtelle

Margo Sawyer

Clinton Sayers

Nancy Scanlan

Frances & Pete Schenkkan

Naomi Schlinke

Ben & Jane Lilly Schotz

Pam Hannagan Schumacher

Shannon Shapiro

Syd Sharples

Rose Sheehy

Judith Sims

Julia & Evan Smith

Sherry Smith & Bill Allison

Sharin Sparlin

Liz & Duff Stewart

Still Water Foundation

Tracie Storie

Marie St. Germain

Sheila & Scott Stricker

Sally Strickland

Maury Sullivan & Todd Pruner

Elisa & Joel Sumner

Gail & Rodney Susholtz

Carolyn & Larry Sweeney

MaryRoss Taylor

Frances Thompson

Katie Thurman

Libby Tilley

Colleen & Frank Trabold

Jennalie Travis

Betty Trent

Diane Umstead  & Rex VanMiddlesworth

Cameron Vann

Carol & Adam Wagner

Wally Workman Gallery

Cinde Weatherby

Sasha West

Alexandra K. Wettlaufer & Arthur G. Carpenter

Kay & Leon Whitney

Lisle & Scott Whitworth

Suzie Page Whitworth & Flip Whitworth

Leslie Wilkes

Ann Wilson

Sally Wittliff

Lynn Wolfe

Mars Woodhill

Roberta & Lawrence Wright

Sydney Yeager

Liz Young & Tommy Vascocu

Leslie Yzaguirre

Victoria Corcoran Zeitz & William Zeitz

*Donors as of June 17, 2021.

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