Screen still from Hannah Spector.

Hannah Spector

Sat Sep 27, 2025 - Thu Nov 13, 2025

Hannah Spector uses humor, play, and the creation of novel domestic cosmologies to form new connections between text, movement, voice and image. She creates images that queer objects to undo the expected and routine of our daily habits to project a new future. This future is rooted in the disruption of gender norms, power systems within language, and limiting notions of self-expression. In videos examining the myths of the old West, Spector utilizes absurdity and object theater to offer a way to form new frameworks of interpretation to move through our inherited landscape.

About the Artist

Hannah Spector is an interdisciplinary visual artist and poet working out of Texas. Spector thinks of language as a solid object—a concrete and spatial expansion that can overturn limiting perceptions of our everyday habits. Spector is an Assistant Professor of Practice of Time & Technology at UT Austin.