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Abhidnya Ghuge
Paper Plate Perspicacity
September 26 - November 12, 2015

Abhidnya Ghuge transformed 7473 disposable paper plates into this large scale sculpture, a visual representation of her own internal transformation after coming to the United States. Ghuge uses woodblocks to print with imagery derived from the henna patterns she knew growing up in India. The patterns and forms incorporated into her designs are part of the same paradigm seen microscopically within the human body, a fact she studied in medical school. Creating structures, Ghuge invites viewers to immerse themselves and experience these physical and spiritual landscapes.

Judy Jensen: Artist Talk
Sacred Glass
Wednesday, October 21 at 7:00 PM

Since late 2012, Judy Jensen has been making and donating reverse paintings on glass to a Buddhist temple, Wat Chong Klang, in Thailand, to replace 19th-century Burmese glass paintings destroyed in a earthquake. Although she considered this endeavor quiet in scope, to her surprise it created ripples of interest and involvement far beyond what she had anticipated. Jensen will be discussing the touching generosity and remarkable coincidences which have propelled her undertaking, as well as the rewarding physical, spiritual, and artistic challenges involved. 

Art Divas Fall Fete
at the home of Judy Gordon
Wednesday, October 28 at 7:00 PM

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Art Divas is the creative women's group that's like no other. It's a cross-section of dynamic women who are interested in tapping into Austin's creative culture, connecting with friends and meeting new ones at fun, art filled quarterly events.

Alyssa Taylor Wendt
Compartments of Desire
November 19 - January 14, 2016

Opening Reception:
Thursday, November 19, 6 to 8pm

Alyssa Taylor Wendt presents an ongoing exploration into the nature of desire and the symbiotic relationship between the person as a subject of longing and the yearning we project upon objects as symbols of aspiration and meaning. Using sculpture, installation, photography and performance, Wendt challenges our own understanding of comfort and sexuality with several new bodies of work. The shamanistic UrGear pieces transform a variety of individuals into warriors, whose portraits display varying levels of transgression in their personal journeys with gender and power. She uses her signature theatrical cosmology, dark humor and fetish objects to create a visceral, mysterious world that questions how we process our multitudinous desires.