a talk with lauren woods

Checklist for The Post Racial-ist
Thu Jul 28, 2011 - Thu Jul 28, 2011


This talk is streamed live online.

Join us for a conversation with the artist, lauren woods, Omi Osun Joni J. Jones, Ph.D., Mario Marcel Salas, Jennifer Fuller, Ph.D, William Cordova, Cherise Smith, Ph.D, Maganthrie Pillay and Dingi Ntuli.

Is it possible that we have, in fact, entered a post-racial era? What does this buzzword “post-racial” really mean? Three years after The Honorable Barack Obama assumed the office of the Presidency, many who believed a post-racial America was within reach now dismiss the ideal as unrealistic. Yet, others maintain that as intellectual thought, “post-race” is already a seedling; it is just a matter of time before we witness the blossoms that will bear the fruit.

The title of the current exhibition is a nod to James Baldwin’s 1955 seminal work, Notes of a Native Son, a collection of literary criticism and essays on race, sexuality and politics in post-war USA and Europe. Join artist, lauren woods, and other experts as we employ the ideas of Baldwin as a compass to navigate art, politics, and the possibility of a post-racial world.

This topical gallery talk is free.

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“And in any case, what really exercises my mind is not this hypothetical day on which some other Negro ‘first’ will become the first Negro President. What I am really curious about is just what kind of country he’ll be President of.” –James Baldwin