Sat Mar 9, 1996

ANIMATRIX is an eye-popping program of recent works by eight of the leading women currently producing independent animation in the United States. ANIMATRIX was curated by Nancy Bless and Ann Graham for Women & Their Work for inclusion in the 1996 South by Southwest (SXSW) Film Festival.

There will be one screening of ANIMATRIX at the Dobie Theater during the opening weekend of the SXSW Film Festival. Don’t miss this opportunity to see 75 minutes of internationally acclaimed, award-winning and highly innovative animation!

The animators whose work will be featured in ANIMATRIX include Suzan Pitt (NYC), Maureen Selwood (CA), Joanna Priestly (WA), Jane Aaron (NYC), Karen Aqua (MA), Julie Zammarchi (MA), Janet Perlman (MA) and Debra Callabresi (CA).

ANIMATRIX highlights include the Texas premiere of Suzan Pitt’s 24 minute “Joy Street,” direct from runs at the 1995 New York and 1996 Sundance Film Festivals. Suzan Pitt’s cult classic “Asparagus” ran for two years at the Waverly Theater in New York as a double feature with David Lynch’s “Eraserhead.” Other notable works by Pitt were animations for Peter Gabriel’s video “Big Time,” and the Hamburg State Opera’s animated version of “The Damnation of Faust.” “Joy Street” features an original music score with vocals by Debbie Harry.

Other featured works include Maureen Selwood’s “Flying Circus: An Imagined Memoir” (11 min. 1994) and “Pearls” (2 min. 1990); Karen Aqua’s “Kakania” (4 min. 1989); Joanna Priestly’s “Hand Held” (7 min., 1995) and “Grown Up” (7 min. 1993); Jane Aaron’s “This Time Around” (5 min.,1989); Julie Zammarchi’s “Ape” (5.5 min. 1992); Janet Perlman’s “My Favorite Things That I Love” (4 min. 1994) and newcomer Debra Callabresi’s exquisite “Quilted By Hand” (10 min. 1994).

Accolades for these women filmmakers include award-winning presentations at national and international film festivals, screenings at such art venues as the Whitney Biennial, the Museum of Modern Art’s film program and the Venice Biennale and receipt of numerous grants and fellowships including Guggenheim, NEA, and the American Film Institute, and productions for Lifetime Television, MTV and Sesame Street, NOVA and Mystery!