Candace Briceño

Thu Jun 22, 2006 - Sat Jul 29, 2006

Briceño  transforms the gallery into a whimsical world of color and texture using hand-dyed felt to create glorious landscapes.  Drawing extraordinary beauty from the seemingly mundane, Briceño fashions flowers, fruits, and other vegetation that mimic yet transcend the natural world. Expect to see nature in a new way.


Artist Statement

My work is based on the observation of the extraordinary beauties within landscape.  Those particular moments that reflect on the beauty and fascination of forms, colors and the silhouettes of decapitated trees and all its wonderfully abstracted forms are contained within my work.  I use nature images such as grass, tree trunks, flowers, leaves and bananas to sew “painting sculptures” where one might experience a sense of discovery and sensations of smell, and touch.  I have incorporated my painting background and fiber aesthetics with my desire to physically involve my audience with sensual and tactile surfaces. The work highlights moments when we are entranced by the natural world and how the work strives to recapture those particular entrancing moments that inspire us.