Donna Huanca

Secret Museum of Mankind
Sat Jan 12, 2008 - Sat Feb 16, 2008

Secret Museum of Mankind excavates the layers of memory in a meditative installation that contains life-size dioramas, sound tunnels, primitive shelters and rituals to create a timeline from past to future. Inspired by a nomadic lifestyle, Huanca uses her personal collections of objects such as records, clothing, books, videos and instruments to represent material limitations on freedom and movement.

Of Bolivian heritage, Donna Huanca has exhibited internationally and is currently a Workspace Resident at The Lower Manhattan Cultural Council in New York.

During the opening night performance, the exhibition will be activated with action and sound. The experience will be guided by James Weigel (OwlEyes) with a performance by Lizzy Wetzel and various participatory drummers.

Artist Statement

Secret Museum of Mankind was created as a map of transformation, influenced by the idea of using art as a healing and connecting device, ultimately focused on transcending the the confines of the artworld.

By using the platform of “art” to create this experience, necessary changes were made and connections were strengthened through the installation process by allowing various participants to contribute what urged them.


The installation is set up as a stage for a healing process using graveyards of old art to create station of memories, ultimately leaping into the future.

What remains in the exhibition on view are relics of the experience that took place which continues as you contemplate this.