Isabelle Scurry Chapman & Lauren Levy

New Works
Thu Feb 24, 2000 - Sat Mar 25, 2000

Isabelle Scurry Chapman‘s small-scale mixed media paintings on wood panels in the New Work exhibition reflects her deep interest and admiration for cultures in which making images and spiritual practice are one and the same. Chapman combines the real and the invented, respecting the identity of what she witnesses in the world while at the same time, allowing herself the freedom to evoke the awe she feels in the presence of nature. Chapman strives for this wedding of product and process in her own work. While the work is reminiscent of surrealism, it is more about the extraordinary quality of the real, the things Chapman encounters on a daily basis.

Lauren Levy‘s small-scale sculptures are made of shiny colored buttons threaded on steel wire frames. In most of Levy’s work, every piece of wire is covered. Often she strings beads or more buttons to conceal the supporting wires and piles bunches of small buttons around the collars of children’s dresses and edges of shirt sleeves. This way she creates a visually rich jewellike object.