Janaki Lennie and Mona Marshall

Line of Sight
Sat Oct 4, 2003 - Sat Nov 8, 2003

Two artists, Janaki Lennie from Houston and Mona Marshall from Austin created graphite drawings and large encaustic drawings for an exhibition titled Line of Sight on view through November 8th.

Charles Dee Mitchell wrote about the artists “Janaki Lennie evokes the human presence in her graphite drawings by the barest possible means, careful tiny strokes that place her figures in enigmatic open spaces titled Future Conditional. The economy of Lennie’s graphite drawings is impressive. Each involves no more than a handful of figures, at times there is only one. Her drawings are as spare as Marshall’s are filled. The spaces Mona Marshall invokes in her large encaustic drawings titled, Point of Entry are vast interiors populated by sometimes-large casts of characters. Marshall has a theatrical vision and the rooms she depicts are like grand stage settings with an unsettling mix of the familiar and the strange or of the familiar behaving strangely. The architecture is grand and sometimes oppressive …. “