Juror’s Choice

Fuzzy Logic
Thu Aug 5, 2004 - Sun Sep 12, 2004

Regine Basha, Curator, selected works from Women & Their Work artist members online slide registry. The exhibition titled Fuzzy Logic included installations, photography, video, and works on paper by the following eight artists:
Brian Alesi, Tiffany Coffman, Gail Dawson, Phyllis Finley, Michele Grinstead, Susan Simmons, Cornelia White Swann, Kathy Van Tome.


Juror’s Statement – Regine Basha

Jurying an exhibition, particularly of art work you are coming in contact with for the first time, can result in one of two things; either the making of a greatest hits‚ list of works based on a mostly subjective process, or the attempt to create a visual dialogue among the works selected. I chose the latter approach, hoping that the viewer might also enjoy the relationships that arose for me in the process.

There is a computing term, Fuzzy Logic, that seems an apt overall moniker for this selection of works. Fuzzy logic argues that people do not require precise, numerical information input, and yet they are still capable of highly adaptive control to their environment. Fuzzy logic accepts imprecise, vague, and ambiguous information as part of a truth value. It is a human standard that computers are still trying to live up to. Many of these works, whether painting, drawing, photography or video seem to be affirming the value of that kind of logic. Where would we be without Fuzzy Logic?