Katie Pell

Tiny Acts of Immeasurable Benefit
Thu Aug 7, 2008 - Sat Sep 13, 2008

Themes of identity, patriotism, fantasy and mysticism are treated to Pell’s tender irony, explored via life-sized interactive sculptures.  A walk-in album-cover diorama, a towering charm bracelet, a prayer wheel with a twist and a dazzling duck blind all invite the viewer to be, quite literally, embraced by the artwork.  In this exhibition, touching the work is not just allowed, but encouraged.  Pell’s sculptures truly become complete when they enfold and transform the viewer; so come insert yourself into a work of art and become whatever your imagination allows.


Artist Statement for Selected Works

Blind for Everything is a mirrored box with interior handles and a screen for the eyes that can be walked around in to reflect the environment thus joining the wearer with the surroundings.

I noticed a lot more traditional Islamic headwear at the UTSA campus and in Philly my last visit and I thought about how the burka and scarf are designed to ensure modesty and curb flamboyance. In contrast to that purpose however, many younger women are wearing the traditional garb as an act of pride and declaration (despite sometimes their own parents protestations), so I wanted to make a blind (as in duck blind) that will actually make integration happen.

You Are a Beautiful Butterfly, Meant to be Adorned is made to set you in a fabulous landscape, adored by the animals framing you – imagine yourself on a rock album cover, like Frampton, Melanie or Robert Plant – you deserve it.