Laura Lit

Where You End and I Begin
Sat Jun 17, 2017 - Thu Jul 27, 2017

In her exhibition, Where You End and I Begin, Laura Lit creates portraits that capture the likeness, specific expression, and telling moments of her subjects. This series of oil paintings uses chiaroscuro and realistic detail to establish attitude and anatomy. Lit draws inspiration from a variety of sources including noir film, portrait and fashion photography, the work of Renaissance and Dutch masters, Surrealism, and psychology. Her work explores the battle between her subjects’ internal and external worlds, their sexuality, and sense of isolation.

Lit is a native Texan, currently living and working in Austin Texas. She received her BFA in Painting from RISD in 2001, and has since participated in group exhibitions and solo shows throughout Texas, Florida, California, and New York. Lit’s artwork is based on classical, realist depictions of the human form, which is a reflection of her extensive background in figure studies. Additionally, she finds inspiration through other arts including makeup, film, prosthetics and costume design. In 2008 she completed a degree from Vancouver Film School in Makeup Design for Film and Television, and for several years worked in Los Angeles as a special effects makeup artist. She continues to let these varied disciplines interact with and influence each other in her continued exploration of portraiture.


Watch Laura Lit’s Art Talk below.