Lizzy Wetzel | The Medicine Show

Lizzy Wtzel | The Medicine Show
Sat Jun 6, 2009 - Sat Aug 29, 2009

Come enter the spiral of Black-black water!
Come enter the blinding white desert!
Listen and Feel a heartbeat to restore truth and beauty

Drawing from nature, mysticism, raves, supernatural phenomena and indigenous cosmology, installation/performance artist Lizzy Wetzel explores the concept of sacred space and the boundaries between one world and the next in The Medicine Show. In this interactive, multisensory sculptural installation, Wetzel transforms the gallery into two dreamlike realms, featuring an ambient desertscape giving way to a shrouded spiral chamber. Outside the chamber, the desert scene seems haunted by the sounds of drumming. Inside the chamber, visitors cross into a separate, black-lit world to experience a geodesic drum ritual performed by Wetzel and masked attendants. Ceremony, sand, cloth, mandalas, enshrined objects, lights, smells and sound all converge in The Medicine Show to forge a sensual, tactile interactive experience that places viewers in a heightened state as they cross the threshold between two mystically charged realms.