Narrative Constructs: Contemporary Trends by Women of Color

Thu Sep 6, 1990 - Sat Oct 6, 1990

A mixed-media exhibition curated by Kathy Vargas, Visual Arts Program Director of the Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center, San Antonio.

The seven artists in this exhibition each share their stories. These stories refer to culturally based beliefs and values. They operate within a social and political reality honed by cultural experience. Within the most adventurous of techniques and utilizing the most sophisticated of formal presentations, these stories still merge heritage with personal history. They are the stories of women artists of color; they are survival stories, and they have a twist. For they all rise from the two-dimensional plane to take on a three- dimensional presence… Kathy Vargas

Artists featured in the exhibition:

Connie Arismendi, Diana Cardenas, Monica Chau, Hung Liu, Vickie Meek, Irene Perez, Anita Valencia