Reality Show

Featured Artists: Anna Krachey, Jill Pangallo, Cecelia Phillips, Laura Turner, and Jamie Wentz
Thu Jun 26, 2008 - Sat Aug 2, 2008

This is the true story of what happens when five artists get together every week to watch Reality TV. As the artists absorb the ritualistic dazzle of So You Think You Can Dance, the surreal ceremoniousness of The Bachelor, the manifest narcissism of The Swan and an array of other televised odes to our society’s chronic oversharing, what begins as an innocent time-waster rapidly turns to guilty obsession–complete with “countless nights of screaming and yelling at the television.” Reality Show is the culmination of these countless nights. Artists Anna Krachey, Jill Pangallo, Cecelia Phillips, Laura Turner and Jamie Wentz create collaborative as well as individual pieces meticulously parsing the looking-glass effect of a frame-obsessed medium, with deadpan results. Taking familiar memes from reality show rituals and applying them to painting, photography, video and collage, Reality Show explores the frequently bizarre side effects of a culture that can no longer discern the difference between reality and “reality.”