Southwest Alternate Media Projects Film and Video Tour

This event included workshops by Laurie McDonald & Martha Wallner held at the Laguna Gloria Art Museum.

As part of the Southwest Alternate Media Project’s 1986 Film/ Video Tour, Austin will host two extraordinary video artists: Martha Wallner of New York City’s Paper Tiger T.V. in July and Laurie McDonald, the Houston based dancer-videographer in August.

The tour consisted of advance broadcasting of selected works, a three-hour Saturday afternoon workshop and a public screening with each artist. It was presented in cooperation with Women and Their Work, the Austin Dance Umbrella, Laguna Gloria Art Museum and The Austin Chronicle through Austin Access, a project of the City of Austin, managed by ACTV. It was co-sponsored by SWAMP and funded in part by the Texas Commission on the Arts.

Included works:

Duet for Tap and Galoshes, Deux Ex Machina, Filling the Boxes for Joseph Cornell, Prime Time, Dying Swan, Generic Video Art, Pregnancy: A Video Sketchbook, Deep Dish, Paper Tiger: Joan Does Dynasty, Herb Schilling Reading the New York Times, From Central America to Middle America (excerpt)