Frances Bagley

A Matter of Gender
Thu Aug 11, 1994 - Sun Sep 18, 1994

Artist Statement:

After beginning  as a painter, I realized that while I was painting or drawing I was actually perceiving the lines and spaces physically and in life-size scale. I was imagining myself in the painting or drawing much in the same way a little girl imagines herself in the doll house with her dolls. This realization of my perceptual translations caused me to build drawings as sculptures…to draw in three dimensional space.

My major concern with sculpture is with physical and psychological movement in space and its relationship to human scale. My effort is to create forms and colors which cause the mind to dance to unheard music. I feel as if I’m translating the form, tone and movement of sound into physical space and time. My sculptures often read visually as music with crescendos, resting places and rhythmic progressions.

I have worked for the last 5 years on a concentrated series of figures. Even though they do make reference to something recognizable, I am still working as they were abstract with the same human scale relationships and on the same conveyance of feeling through form. Here I am speaking of the metaphor of the human body to the vessel form, but importantly a vessel that can contain nothing but air. This is how I see myself and others, as outlines or drawings which suggest form but cannot restrain or contain the spirit.